Microsoft HoloLens Application Development


In 2016 Microsoft released HoloLens, an immersive mixed reality device that allows users to bring 3D digital content right into the room with them and interact with it using gestures and voice control. As one of the first developers in the UK with access to the hardware VISYONR has been building applications for the platform since September 2016.



In 2017 and beyond we are expecting to see exponential growth in the use of this technology as industry becomes increasingly global. In this decade even the smallest of businesses will often have remote teams working internationally. This requires business to make use of tools that make communication and collaboration as effective as it can possibly be. Businesses are also more likely to be looking to deliver their products and services internationally and so having the means to communicate ideas across cultural and language divides is also essential.

Augmented Reality technology can provide a way to communicate that other methods simply cannot replicate because it allows you to immerse your customers, your team and your partners into an environment where you can 'show' not 'tell'. This means ideas are more engaging and communication is far more effective than emails, phone calls or messaging. As a result fewer mistakes are made, projects are delivered faster and your team is more engaged in creating value for you and your customers.


Jon Masters - Director and Founder

I am owner and creative director of Visyonr, a technology business creating Augmented Reality solutions that bring people together allowing them to collaborate, explore and learn together wherever they happen to be in the world. 

I am a passionate advocate for innovation, technology leadership, and STEM education. 

For nearly ten years, I worked for Siemens UK in various roles, including lead software engineer, systems architect and software group manager.

After leaving Siemens I became fascinated by Augmented Reality technology and when the opportunity arose in September 2016 to build a couple of apps for the Microsoft HoloLens platform, I jumped at the chance. These apps were successfully delivered within a few weeks and have allowed me to build a team of experienced 3D modellers and developers.

We now have the capacity to take on several new clients who are excited by the possibilities offered by the HoloLens as a platform for learning and collaboration improving productivity and cutting costs.

If this is you and your organisation then please feel free to contact us to organise a free, no obligation discussion of your requirements.



"I worked with Jon on a major project for an important Siemens client and he was an inspiration to work with. Jon is always thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative ideas. If you need a solution, Jon is the guy to go to—he has a passion for what he does and it shows in his work."

DR ANDREW ROBINSON - Future Cities Catapult

"I've worked with Jon for many years in a variety of organisations. During this time I have been amazed by his ability to have insight into the solution context from a users perspective, the domain experience to deliver real value and the skills to create scalable solutions that integrate with complex and often legacy solutions."

MALCOLM BOX - Tellybug

"I've always been amazed at Jon's thinking and ability as a programmer and software architect. He's endlessly creative and what he creates is done so with astonishing detail, vision and flair."